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Music Studio Startup: Helping music teachers thrive as entrepreneurs

Sep 16, 2020

Today I’m talking to the owner of a boutique voice studio about how she rebranded her studio to make it more about her students and less about her. You’ll hear all about how she introduced the new brand, how it was received by studio parents, and how her students have taken ownership of the studio community, to the...

Apr 3, 2019

Today’s guest, Lee Stockner, started out as a traditional, classical piano teacher, but when he had the opportunity to teach a student with Autism, he found some of his personal experiences with ADD made him able to relate, and teaching students with special needs became Lee’s niche.

On Lee’s journey to find ways...

Mar 27, 2019

With spring officially here, that means recital season for so many music teachers. Today we’re taking the branding conversation we been having over the last few episodes, and applying it to our studio events, like recitals!

Joining me is Allison McDonald, an event planner from St. Louis.

Now, I know most of us...

Mar 20, 2019

When Tim Topham was trying to make a living as a music producer and it wasn’t going well, he started taking on piano students as an additional source of income. In our interview, he talked about how little he knew about teaching at that stage.

Over time, Tim discovered his unique teaching style lent itself...

Mar 6, 2019

Nicole Riccardo is a flute teacher and branding consultant. Today we talk about how music teachers can identify a niche and then how to use that focus to strengthen our marketing.

Nicole outlines some great questions music teachers can ask themselves to start developing their brand and also questions to ask periodically...